Fields of Activity

As Çalık Enerji, we are working with all our energy to build a better future in different geographies including the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and the Balkans.

EPC Contracting

Çalık Enerji is among the leading global energy companies with many successful turn-key contracting projects around the world, since its inception in 1998. 

Çalık Enerji successfully completed dozens of turn-key contracting projects including the world’s highest-budget City Energy Infrastructure Modernization Project, Turkmenistan’s first Combined Cycle Power Plant, Iraq’s biggest Simple Cycle Power Plant, Georgia’s first Combined Cycle Power Plant, Libya’s biggest Power Plant, and Uzbekistan’s first Combined Cycle Power Plant.  

Çalık Enerji successfully operates in the following fields of business: 

• Combined and Simple Cycle Power Plants 

• Renewable Energy Plants 

• Pumping Stations 

• Compressor Stations 

• Switchyards 

• Oil and Gas Plants 

• High Voltage Transmission Lines 

Çalık Enerji aims to undertake new EPC projects in target markets and enter new fields of business that may add value to the company in the future. 

Our Al-Khairat project in Iraq received ENR Global Best Project Award. 


Çalık Enerji proves with the mega-scale projects it has undertaken that it has the capacity to effortlessly offer all kinds of Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) services. Çalık Enerji keeps working diligently while taking pride in successfully implementing numerous important projects.  

  • Mary-3 Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • Gardabani Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

  • Al-Khairat Simple Cycle Power Plant