Value for People,
Investing to the Future

We, as Çalık Enerji, are among the leading global energy companies with many successful turn-key contracting projects around the world, since the inception of our company in 1998.


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We, as Çalık Enerji, offer the energy from nature to the people to build a better and sustainable future.


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EPC Contracting

We, as Çalık Enerji, shape the energy of the future with our projects in the fields of engineering, procurement, construction, operation and commissioning, including warranty period services and spare part support.

We have successfully completed dozens of turnkey contracting projects, including the world’s highest-budget City Power Infrastructure Modernization Project, Turkmenistan’s first Combined Cycle Power Plant, Iraq’s biggest Simple Cycle Power Plant, Georgia’s first Combined Cycle Power Plant, and Libya’s biggest Power Plant.

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Energy Investments

We, as Çalık Enerji, are aware of the importance of renewable energy resources for a sustainable world and aim to become a major player in the ever-growing and ever-developing global energy investment market. 

With a holistic approach to our projects in the field of electric power generation, we work as an independent energy investor both in Turkey and abroad.

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and Retail

We, as Çalık Enerji, provide electricity and natural gas services for 11.4 million users through our subsidiaries. 

We provide electricity and natural gas distribution and retail sales services through our subsidiaries Yeşilırmak EDAŞ, Yeşilırmak EPAŞ, Aras EDAŞ, Aras EPSAŞ, KEDS, KEDS, KESCO, BURSAGAZ, and KAYSERİGAZ. 

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We, as Çalık Enerji, observe our corporate values and fundamental sustainability principles in our three main fields of business for our country’s and the world’s future and continue working for realizing a long-term approach and inclusive practices to ensure the sustainability of global resources.

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Value to the People
Investment for the Future

We, as Çalık Enerji, continue our efforts in all fields of the international energy sector with creative and innovative solutions created by our experienced team of experts using the most cutting-edge technologies.


We, as Çalık Enerji, are the pioneer of many practices in the sector with our operations in national and international markets through our subsidiaries. We provide EPC Contracting Operations, renewable energy investments, electricity distribution and retail, natural gas distribution, engineering, and innovation services through our subsidiaries.


Çalık Enerji attaches importance to and prioritizes fast, reliable, traceable, and assessable management of supplier processes. Thus, the Supplier Life Cycle (SLC) module and Supplier Quote Portal (SRM) that are tools for efficient management of procurement and supply chain are available on Çalık Suppliers Portal. 

Our Suppliers can submit their applications following the links below and our approved suppliers can log in to the system following the links provided.

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We, as Çalık Enerji, have our operations in a wide area encompassing the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Balkans.


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