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Schools Will Generate Their Own Energy with Çalık Enerji’s Energetic Schools Project

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Çalık Enerji added “Energetic Schools Social Responsibility Project” to its catalog of projects to achieve a better and sustainable future by bringing the energy of nature to the service of people since its establishment in 1998 across a wide geographic area encompassing the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and the Balkans. Supporting schools to generate their own energy and aiming to raise awareness of students about renewable energy resources and sustainability, the project will be realized with the motto of “Value to the people, investment in the future”.

The first phase of the Energetic Schools Social Responsibility Project, which is intended to be a long-lasting project, has been initiated in Amasya under the coordination of the Amasya Provincial Directorate of National Education. 12 KWp solar panels were installed in the Şehit Gültekin Tırpan Vocational and Technical High School’s yard, which is approved by Amasya Provincial Directorate of National due to its technical and physical properties, as part of the project with a 1-year-long feasibility study. These solar panels will allow the school to generate a big portion of its own energy. Another aim of the project is to raise awareness of students in terms of sustainability and renewable energy resources.

Mitsubishi Corporation, as one of the project partners, established an Installation and Air Conditioning Technologies Workshop in the school. Thanks to this workshop, students will receive installation and air conditioning education with cutting-edge training sets and simulators.

Schools fighting against climate change will raise awareness

Onur Yücekal: “Our schools will generate their own energy with renewable energy”

Çalık Enerji CEO Onur Yücekal expressed that they are glad to take the first step of the Energetic Schools Project in Amasya and added: “We, as Çalık Enerji, built our sustainability strategy on environmental, social and financial sustainability. We wanted our social responsibility project to include these three components of our strategy. We dreamed of a school that can ensure financial sustainability by generating its own energy, will use renewable energy to fight against climate change, contribute to environmental sustainability and raise awareness of its students by concretely demonstrating the importance of sustainability. We are happy to expand our projects to build a better future both in our country and in different geographical regions to the social responsibility arena. Energetic Schools Project is the biggest and longest social responsibility project of Çalık Enerji. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Ömer Coşkun, Director of Amasya Provincial Directorate of National Education, and his employees, whom we are happy to work with during the preparation and implementation stages of the project, valuable team members of Yeşilırmak Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş, Amasya Municipality and Amasya’s Governor Mr. Mustafa Masatlı, who supported us by attending the opening ceremony.”

Students will learn installation and air conditioning with simulators

Kazuo Inada: “We are happy to support students to receive education with cutting-edge technology”

Mitsubishi Corporation Turkey, as one of the project partners, established an Installation and Air Conditioning Technologies Workshop in the Şehit Gültekin Tırpan Vocational and Technical High School with the budget they receive from the global Corporate Social Responsibility Participation Fund in Tokyo. Necessary infrastructure has been built during the installation of the workshop, cutting-edge training sets and simulators for installation and air conditioning were obtained, and teachers and instructors were given training for the use of the equipment.

Mitsubishi Corporation Turkey CEO Kazuo Inada gave a statement on their contributions to the project and said: “We are honored to be a part of this social responsibility project with Çalık Enerji. With this project, we aim to contribute to the education of younger generations, improve renewable energy technologies and increase their use. As Mitsubishi Corporation, we are always ready to support the younger generations. We aim to increase our contributions to Turkey and Turkish society with our social responsibility projects, as well as our ongoing and future works.”

Operating in 11 countries, Çalık Enerji will keep expanding the Energetic Schools Project to other regions it operates in as it believes that sustainability will only be achieved through a cultural change.